What can I do to help with my partners c-section?

Honestly, not as much as you’d like. As with the pregnancy I could only watch on as my wife heroically persevered through it. That being said, I feel there are some basic tips I can share which may help some soon to be Dad’s.

Reassure your partner

Everybody is different, but you’d be hard pushed to find anyone who isn’t worried about going under the knife.
A c-section is major surgery, and there’s a good chance you’ll have hours of waiting around on the day. We arrived at the hospital at 7:30 am and went into surgery about 1:30 pm. It’s in this time leading up to the surgery that you need to be there for your partner. Talk to them, reassure them, try to take there mind of what’s coming up if only for a minute. It’s in these circumstances that my annoying habit to cracking jokes at inappropriate times and when I’m nervous finally paid off. This didn’t stop there being a few tears but It’s important that you do what you can.

Understand the procedure

This will help reassuring both you and your partner. I’d also highly recommend learning about after effects of the c-section. There’s been multiple times since the operation where we’ve been googling symptoms worried that something wasn’t right.

Bring some food for after the procedure 

She won’t of eaten anything for a long period before so in the morning don’t make yourself a bacon sandwich! if she can’t eat, don’t make her jealous. It’d be an awful start to a long day. I had a breakfast bar, something she wouldn’t be too envious of.

Bring some food for after the operation. Things she can easily eat or drink such as a fruit shoot yogurt, orange juice, raisins etc. Discuss this with your wife before going in, taking into account that the drugs will effect her appetite and she won’t be able to sit up easily. But she has to get something down her to keep her energy up.

Be there for her and your child

This one should go without saying but it’s the most important! After the operation she’s going to have massively reduced movement. She’ll be in a lot of pain and is going to have to rely heavily on you. Your job is to be do everything you can. Change nappy’s,  make tea, keep her entertained, ask the nurses questions, tidy up, go to the shops, anything and everything they need for as long as they need.


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