‘I wouldn’t want to raise a child in this world’

In the wake of the tragic event in Manchester, I’ve had multiple people tell me ‘I wouldn’t want to raise a child in this world now’ and I find this baffling.
The bombing of the concert was without a doubt one of the most evil, abhorrent acts to happen in the UK. But what stands out for me is the response to such evil. 

Over that last week, more and more stories have emerged of the heroics and generosity of the people of Manchester on the night of the attack. Taxi drivers giving free transport, a homeless man and countless others running towards danger to administer first aid, local businesses supplying accommodation and food for those in need of it. These and countless other stories are what I take away from that tragic night. 

The coming together of a city, country and the entire world is awe inspiring. It’s easy to let one sadistic loser sour your view of of humanity, but his barbaric actions are dwarfed by the positive actions of our citizens. Sometimes its hard to see the good through the bad. 

The spirit of the people of Manchester, for me, is summed up in this moment from yesterday. Sadness and strength combining in a rendition which plucks at the heart strings while lifitng your spirit. I’m glad and honored to be bringing a child into the world with people such as these. 


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