Playerunknown’s battlegrounds review 

For a couple of years I’ve been looking for a game which hits a certain sweet spot. PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds has done just that.
An adrenaline fuelled mix of a survival game and frantic shooter. It’s as if Dayz and Battlefield had a child and the result is a lot of fun!

The premise is fairly simple. Que up solo, duo or as a 3/4 man squad. Parachute in over an island with 100 other players. Find guns and equipment and stay ahead of a killer circle as it shepherds you in towards death or glory.
Games, if seen to there bloody concussion, take about half an hour and you are always guaranteed some action in that time. This is where it differs itself from other games of the same ilk. You get the joy of looting, tactical combat, where decisions and movements are often more important that pure skill all wrapped up in a short game.

The gunplay and weapon variety is solid, the vehicles work well, the servers are generally responsive although I have had some issues with lag and desync on a couple of occasions. Compared to many early access titles it’s an extremely solid foundation, they also plan to leave early access within 6 months which is generally unheard of.
My only major criticism is that the game is in desperate need of a first person only mode. The ability to hide in cover and see other players with no risk to yourself is extremely detrimental to the game and I hope something they will introduce sooner rather than later.

Going forward into fatherhood spending hours looting on Dayz just to get killed is not a rewarding use of my time. An hour of battlegrounds is always going to give me some enjoyment, especially when played with a group. I can see myself playing this game for quite some time.




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