How the prospect of fatherhood is changing me


I’ve been doing some  extra soul searching as of late and taking an introspective look at myself. A task which I feel is essential to understanding your strengths and weakness’s and something which I, like many others,  did very little of  until I hit my mid 20’s. It’s at that age the confidence of youth starts to drip away and you finally begin to learn who you are as a person.

With the birth of my first child imminent, I’ve noticed small changes in myself. I’ve become much more cautious, when driving, working or doing any task, The fact that I have to be fit to provide for my wife and child has took me to taking less risks. Not that I was driving like a maniac before but I’m now more aware of the potential hazards littered throughout my day.

I’ve also found myself hit harder by stories of children suffering, there was a recent picture of a father holding his two dead children after the chemical attack in Syria. it broke my heart thinking about it. The anguish that father must be feeling after somehow surviving so much war and devastation is unimaginable.

Seeing children in my local area, tossed out on the street by parent’s who likely don’t care as the kids run riot. I used to get annoyed by such children but now I feel sorry for them and anger at the parent’s who won’t give there children the upbringing they deserve.

Fitness has also come back to the forefront of my mind. I lost and got fairly fit before Christmas but have slacked off over the last few months. I’ve started running again now, feeling that I owe it to my child to be fit and healthy so as to be there for them for as long as I can and to simply keep up with them.

I’m sure there are thousands of other small changes in my thinking, a child truly does change everything and she hasn’t even arrived yet. it’s a scary thought, to realise how you’re changing, but also an exciting one!







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