3 months until I become a dad! A gamer’s journey into fatherhood.

 3 short months, I’ll be levelling up and becoming a dad! With the exciting and daunting prospect of fatherhood looming before me I’ve decided to start this blog. A place for me to share my journey into fatherhood and talk about my joy of gaming, TV and movies and how I share these passions with my child. 

I’ve been gaming ever since my dad bought me a SNES for Christmas when I was 7. I later found out that on Christmas eve, my dad had set it up to ensure it worked. He didn’t come to bed that night and had to quickly pack it away before me and my sister came racing down in the morning. Maybe that’s where my love of gaming came from, a shared passion between me, my dad and my sister.

My childhood is littered with fantastic memories of gaming with my dad and he still plays today at the ripe old age of 60. Not two years ago I helped him build a gaming PC which was another treasured memory gaming has bestowed upon us

Looking to my own future and to the birth of my little girl (no idea’s for a name yet, just like creating an rpg character for the first time, it’s bloody difficult), I know the amount of time I’ll get will be drastically reduced, and that’s fine, I eagerly look forward to the challenges fatherhood brings. The games I play will also shift. Competitive games which lock me in for an hour are going to be a no go, or at least rare (although my enjoyment of these has waned anyway in recent years). The same can be said for virtual reality, I love my vive but shutting myself off from my family is going to be something of a rarity.

In this blog you can expect reviews, parenting lessons I’ve learned, gaming, TV discussion and all things kids. I’m also using this space to practice writing, something I’ve done precious little of over the last ten years, so please feel free to critique my posts. 


10 thoughts on “3 months until I become a dad! A gamer’s journey into fatherhood.

  1. Exciting! We also grew up with video games and are looking forward to what our gaming journey will look like with the girls. Still a bit young right now but, so far, Biggest likes looking for animals on Minecraft and she’ll be helping Daddy to build a PC later in the year. Welcome to the Fun Side! 🙂


    1. Hey Carly! Thanks for reading! It’s actually reading your blog the last few months which made me consider using one as an outlet for myself. I bet Dan is looking forward to building a PC! and what a great way to teach kids about the workings of computers, actually getting hands on with the components! I’ve built about 12 PC’s now so if have any issues at all feel free to get in touch. 😀


      1. Ah, what a compliment! Thanks! And that would be fantastic, you may have seen that we’ll be home educating the girls so any technical ‘tutors’ are most welcome! 😉


  2. My kids are six and two years old old. I never let my six year old beat me at video games. When she actually does win, it’s a huge event, and the look of earning it on her face is always priceless.


    1. It’s the right way to play with kids. It’s how my dad played with me and how I will with my kids. I can imagine how happy your kid is when she wins and I can’t wait to experience that for myself!

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