The Baby has arrived!!!

On Tuesday the 27th of June at 2pm our Beautiful baby girl was born. It’s been a whirlwind 7 days but it’s been an absolute delight. I’m trying to savour every memory as I know she’ll be growing up all too soon. People said it would be tough, I wasn’t prepared for just how tough. […]

Flipping the Baby (ECV)

Our Baby has been breech the entire pregnancy (stubborn bloody baby), so we went to the hospital to try rectify this on Friday. The procedure is called ECV (external cephalic version) and it has about a 40% success rate. There are a few risks associated with ECV such as the baby becoming distressed, getting tangled […]

Hospital dash – The fantastic NHS

Bank holiday Friday. I wake up with the intention of painting the bedroom…. It wasn’t to be. The wife is in some pain and hasn’t felt the baby move since she woke up. A quick call to her mom, a call to the midwife and we’re off to the hospital. With 15 minutes of arriving we […]